How can I file for a divorce in גירושין?

Eligibility Criteria

If you want to end your marriage officially you can file a Divorce Application before an Ontario court, provided you meet the eligibility criteria:

1. You must be legally married in Canada or in any other country out of Canada.

2. You have separated or intend to separate permanently with zero possibility of getting back together.

3. Either you or your spouse has been a resident of Ontario for at least the 12 months before your application.

Noted: If you are not legally married, then גירושין laws in Canada do not apply to you, you may need to file for an annulment.

An exception to the one-year residency requirement is if both parties live outside of Canada and the country where they currently live does not recognize a Canadian marriage. In such circumstances, the parties can end their marriage as per the Civil Marriage Act and would be entitled to apply for divorce in Ontario with existing forms from the Ministry of the Attorney General.

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