Lottery/Cold and hot numbers

Have you ever known that there are hot and cold nubers if you play lottery? To be honest I found it out just today... I'm shocked...

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  • Hey, thanks for your topic, since I gambled a lot in lottery, I think that there is a system that you mentioned about. However if it is, maybe you will need to find a correct article about that, because there is too much spammers nowadays. Anyway I listed a lot of forums where I can find a specific and objective article which I found on website. By the way I think that this subject is pretty important to anyone.

    Pick Hot and Cold Lottery Numbers
    Easily pick from hot and cold lottery numbers to help you predict drawings!
    • The name of this strategy game is quite long, so the strategy itself may seem difficult to You, although it is not so. In addition, in addition to the name that we have already used in this article, there is also another – the observation strategy. The fact is that this method of playing is really based on the continuous observation of several draws that are held in a row for a certain time. What is the purpose of this observation? You will need to register all dropped numbers in this lottery. Please note that there is a different type of observation strategy, in which players register all the numbers that did not appear in the drawings on the contrary.

  • Hey, so you actually belive in that system?

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