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People can't find these anywhere else.  Other products available at Wal-Mart and other major retail stores are easy for anyone to find.  And they can be purchased for less than most new businesses can make a profit selling them for.  The ideas you can offer from Africa Imports are ideas your customers can only find with you.

Customers want these items.  When you try offering authentic African goods, you will see 
reactions that prove your customers interest. 

You will be offering something new.  Africa Imports brings you a constant supply of new ideas from across Africa.  The size and creativity of this continent will keep you and your customers supplied with new ideas for a lifetime.

You will get more business from customer referrals.

If your customers have your catalog from Africa Imports; or if they wear or show other people the products that they bought; their friends will ask them where they found such treasures. 

The prices are compelling.  You offer something that anyone can afford.  You will discover new business from people who have always wanted to own a piece of Africa but never could before.

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You can get started with no money.  We will send you two catalogs for free (one for you with your wholesale prices; and one for your customers with retail prices).  Just email us now with your business name and mailing address.  Or, to get started faster and better, order a starter kit for only $100.  This gives you some of the most popular products that we carry, and you get them at a discounted price this way.  To see and order your starter kit, Click Here.

If you already sell other African or afro-centric items, and you want to put together your own customized selection, please take time right now to choose the choices that are best for you.  There are over 1,500 unique products available online right now.  Pick out just the ideas that are best for you and your customers.  Choose your favorite items before you leave this site, so you can get started right away, and so that you make the most of your time spent here.


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You may be surprised at how many new customers will find you.  After people have found experienced some of the ideas that you offer, they will see how compelling some of this merchandise can be.  To really succeed of course, you will need to do something more.  Check out our business building articles to find out more ways to build a business with African products.  If you want to sell these products online, you can check into our affiliate program, learn about online auctions, or use our photos and text to add professionalism to your own website.


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We normally don't make any money when a customer buys from us the first time.  The only way that Africa Imports can succeed is if you succeed and come back to us again.   We inspect all products both in Africa, and again in the US before they are shipped to you. You can see that the prices are affordable for anyone. We give you more options than anywhere else  We offer all of the tools possible to help make our customers successful.  And we give you the strongest guarantee possible. You can return anything for any reason (or even for no reason) for a full refund.

What is my next step?

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You can choose from a giant selection of African products right now, and have your favorite selections right away.  You can save time and order a starter kit for only $100. 

Click Here to find some of the fastest selling products that we carry. 

Click Here and we will send you a copy of both of our printed catalogs with a retail catalog that you can show products to your customers with. 

If you are ready to start now, and you are ready to choose the ideas from Africa that best for you, Click Here to start. shopping.

How to start your business without extra cash

Using the drug dealer method to build your business

Having a successful business can be as easy as offering one bar of soap! I have used it, others have used it, and you can use it too. It’s called ‘The Drug Dealer Method’. No, it’s not illegal or immoral. In fact, you will be helping countless people, and be making more customer friends than you could with other business building tools.

Here's how it works:

You can find a huge amount of customers with soapsoils, and health and beauty products.

Because these are things that almost everyone needs, soap and personal care products are easy for almost anyone to buy. They don’t cost a lot of money, and people will come back for more over and over again.

But people need to try just a little bit before they know what they are missing. Start them off with a free sample! When I visit our customers and prospects, I sometimes give people a free bar of soap. Even when people are too busy to talk with me, they pay attention when I hand them this gift. These

people will remember me every time they take a shower, or use their new soap for the next few weeks.

I used to think this was a great idea, and it was, because it worked. Lots of people remembered me, and called me back, who might never have called if they didn’t get the free soap. But then one of my customers gave me his ‘drug dealer’ method, which is even better.

You can spend less money, and make faster sales by giving away instead of a whole bar, just a part of a bar of soap as a free sample.

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Opportunities you can get with soap:

 Slice a bar of soap into thin pieces that you can use for samples. You can get as many as a dozen samples from a single bar of soap!

 How this can help you grow your business:

 Get more sales

Because you’ve given a potential customer a sample, they will almost certainly come back for more.

 - Spend less money

A single bar of soap can give you a whole stack of samples to use. Just think, one $2. bar of soap can get you twelve new customers!

- Get more customers

Free samples instantly attract attention and new customers.

- People will want your product

It is easy to buy a bar of soap, plus the customers want the soap. They’ll keep checking back to see if you have more!

 - Make faster sales

Tell your customer to use the sample right there, they will almost always buy the rest of the bar or more bars from you right then and there!

- Get free advertising

Getting something for free is much more memorable then buying something new. Your customers will go on to tell even more people about you and your products.

- Market more of your products

After customers try your soap, they will want to see what else you have to offer! You can show them the other soap or personal care option, or

whatever you have in mind. It’s easy and fun.

The Best Part of All

After someone buys the soap from you, they are much more likely to try out the other products that you offer. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce people to shea buttercoconut oil, and dozens of other natural products. For most people, just using one of these natural products will have them hooked. This is why we call this the ‘drug dealer method’. The big difference is that you are giving people the chance to find something that helps them, instead of hurting them. But after people experience these benefits first hand, they will be back again and again.

You can use this same method with oils and other personal care products. If you meet someone who has never used oils before, try this. Pick an oil that your customer will like or remember; tell them to rub a finger full onto their wrist; let them know that this fragrance will last for dramatically longer than a regular perfume, and they will notice it more as the time passes. If it is the evening, let them know that they will wake up in the morning with this aroma (if they don’t take a shower the same night). They will, and it will make a big impression on a lot of different people.

If you can build up a core group of customers who each purchase just $50 per month from you, you will have a base that supports you while you continue to build your business more. You will have customers who come to you for some of the other products that you offer. You will grow faster. You will get more free advertising when people tell their friends about the ideas that they got from you. Remember, it’s as simple as starting with one bar of soap!

If you are ready to try this idea right now, you can get 30 different sample soaps for only $1.66 per bar. You can order the set of 30 sample soaps (item #M-S001) right now by going to, and looking in the soaps category. You will find a huge selection of wholesale soaps, and soap kits to put you on the road to being your own boss, making more money, and getting more happy customers.

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