Become a Better Marketer in 2020 With This Training Bundle via Bossip

Any marketer worth their salt has the initiative to constantly refine their skills. After all, industry trends are always changing and evolving. What works now may not necessarily work six months in the future. It is vital, then, that you…

3 hours ago
Mommy Crush: Magical Moments Of Alicia Keys In Mom Mode via Bossip

10 hours ago
Pure Comedy: Kim Coles Brings The Strong Black Laughs Talking ‘In Living Color’ And ‘Living Single’ [Video] via Bossip

Kim Coles Interview On Netflix’s Strong Black Laughs Podcast

Netflix’s Strong Black Laughs has…

15 hours ago
For The Memories: Erica Mena & Safaree React To First Meeting One Another During ‘Scared Famous’ [Video] via Bossip

Erica And Safaree Remember Their Time On Scared Famous…

15 hours ago
SMH: Man Who Makes $18,000 A Year Lands In Prison After Depositing $980K Check From The IRS via Bossip

Man Deposits $980,000 Check From The IRS And Goes To Prison

A man who makes around $18,000 in…

15 hours ago
Hate It Or Love It? Whitney Houston’s Sister-In-Law Pat Says She Would Like THIS Actress To Portray The Icon In Biopic via Bossip

Pat Houston Reveals Which Actress Could Possibly Play Whitney Houston

We had never thought about this before but it sounds like…

15 hours ago
Really?! ‘ Power’ Star Michael Rainey Jr. Blasts 326 DUMB Fans For Sending Death Threats via Bossip

*Spoilers Ahead*

Power Actor Michael Rainey Jr. Sent Hundreds Of Death Threats

The teenage actor, who plays Ghost’s son Tariq St. Patrick on the show Power is fed up with grown a** fans sending him death threats…

15 hours ago
Mile-High Hate: Delta Wrist-Slapped $50,000 For Kicking Three Muslim Passengers Off Plane Because Passengers Were “Nervous” via Bossip

Delta Fined $50,000 For Kicking Muslim Passengers Off Flights

Delta was given an…

16 hours ago
Pure Comedy: David Alan Grier Shared A Dressing Room With Denzel Washington & Samuel L. Jackson In 1981 [Video] via Bossip

David Alan Grier Tells Stories About Samuel L. Jackson In The ’80’s…

16 hours ago
Jesus Take The Wheel: Feds Believe Jeff Bezos’ Girlfriend Forwarded His Intimate Photos To Her Brother, Who Leaked Them via Bossip

Feds Say Jeff Bezos’ Girlfriend Was Involved With Leaking His Affair

Federal prosecutors are trying to figure out how the National Enquirer got their hands on…

17 hours ago
Wife Life: Lori Harvey Hints Future Asked To Smash Her Into Percocet Particles For The Rest Of Eternity via Bossip

Are Lori Harvey And Future Engaged?

Lori Harvey has started her own engagement rumors after showing off her occupied ring finger…

17 hours ago
Writing About Videogames Isn't All Fun and Glamor via Culture Latest
David L. Craddock is one of the major voices in longform games journalism, but his reporting hasn't always been easy. 
18 hours ago
Dollar Rises Amid Rising Worries About Coronavirus via Live Forex news

The U.S. dollar gained in strength against most major currencies on Friday, due largely to its safe-haven appeal, after worries about the impact of the coronavirus resurfaced.

The dollar index, which rose to 97.95 a little before noon,…

Crude Oil Futures Settle Sharply Lower via Live Forex news

Crude oil prices drifted lower on Friday, extending recent losses, amid rising concerns about the outlook for energy demand and excess supply in the market.

Earlier in the day, the World Health Organization's determination that it is too…

Treasuries Move Notably Higher Amid Coronavirus Concerns via Live Forex news

Treasuries moved significantly higher over the course of the trading session on Friday, extending the upward trend seen over the past few sessions.

Bond prices showed a steady advance throughout the session before closing firmly in…

An Esports Exodus to YouTube Reshapes the Livestream Wars via Culture Latest
The *Call of Duty* League, the *Overwatch* League, and *Hearthstone* Esports all call YouTube home now. That's not great news for Twitch.

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Tips To Remember When Doing Remodeling Word

Home kitchens renovation and Wardrobes Design is an exciting and creative project. However, the major problem that most homeowners come across is how and where to start with. There is a wide array of choices available in all aspects of kitchen remodeling such as flooring, faucets, kitchen countertops and cabinets, appliances and lighting. You have thousands of options but your budget is limited. Let’s see how you can get your kitchen remodeled without flaws and…

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