Wholesale Newport Cigarettes for Resale lung cancer

Cigarette smoking is the number one cause of space pollution and number two reason for lung cancer

Lung malignancy is the most Cheap Newport Cigarettes 100s common malignant tumour in the world and the Carton of Newport 100s Online largest tumor in China. Lung cancers not only has a high occurrence of disease, ranking the very first among malignant tumors, but additionally ranks the first in fatality. It has surpassed liver cancer tumor to become the "super killer" of cancer. Smoking may be the first cause, and area Buy Newports Online Cheap pollution ranks the second

Smoking cigarettes has been recognized as the first dangerous factor causing lung malignancy. At present, the Newport 100s Cigarettes number of smokers within China has exceeded three hundred million, and the number of people subjected to second-hand smoke is actually higher, reaching 740 mil. Every year, more than one million individuals die from smoking-related illnesses such as Wholesale Newport Cigarettes for Resale lung cancer, amongst which 80% of men lung cancer and nineteen. 3% of female chest cancer are attributed to cigarette smoking. There are data showing that this incidence of lung tumor in smokers is more than 10x higher than that of nonsmokers, as well as nonsmokers ' exposure to used smoke (passive smoking) additionally increases the risk of lung cancers.

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