What should I pay attention to when buying a rock crusher?

With the development of welding technology in China, the processing of Ballast Crusher frame is very convenient. However, some customers have reflected the phenomenon of pores and cracks in the frame. What are the reasons for this? Below we analyze the causes of porosity and cracks in the welding frame of the ore crusher.
1. During welding, if the temperature of the frame is low, if the temperature of the welding of the frame is low, the cooling speed of the metal after welding will be faster. This phenomenon is prone to cracking, especially for materials with a large content of alloy elements. It will be prone to cracks.
2. Before the ore crusher is welded to the rack, the electrode is dried for 2 hours to bring the temperature to 350 °C, and it is the correct way to use it after the heat preservation. However, many operators do not strictly perform the operation. When the temperature of the electrode is only about 200 °C, the operation will be stopped. This will prevent the moisture adsorbed by the electrode from being cleaned and increase the tendency of pores and cracks caused by moisture.

3. The cleaning of the ore crusher weldment is not in place. For example, the water, oxide scale, rust and oil on the surface of the weldment are sensitive, so it is necessary to carry out strict cleaning on the surface of the weldment. In the actual welding process, the process requirements are not strict, so that the pores and cracks appear to increase.
4. Before the Ore Crusher frame is welded, preheating is required to reduce the cooling speed of the weldment after welding and prolong the cooling time, thereby reducing the hydrogen content in the weld and reducing the phenomenon of cold cracking and hardening of the material. After welding, it is necessary to heat in time, reduce the hardness of the material, and select the appropriate temperature to compensate for the preheating temperature.

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