Weight loss: causes and possible diseases:

A person loses weight whenever he consumes more calories than he ingests. In many cases, weight loss Irvine is intentional in order to slim down, many convert their diet to less high-calorie food and move more. Often enough, weight loss is not easy.

However, with the help of HCG Diet Orange County, CA, you can easily and effectively lose weight.

Others lose weight, though they do not want to lose weight. You just do not have an appetite. Everybody knows this in short phases. Sorrow, stress, an approaching infection - the reason is usually obvious, and seldom does the scale after such episodes show more than one or two kilos of weight loss.

However, if the appetite disorder lasts longer or decreases, although the appetite is normal or even increased, it may conceal a serious cause behind it.

Weight loss: causes and possible diseases:

Basically, there are two forms of unwanted weight loss: The one person lose weight because they feel little appetite. The others lose weight even though they eat normally or even more than before.

The following causes can be behind the weight loss:

Infections: In chronic and acute infections the appetite is often reduced. In addition, there are often symptoms such as fatigue and poor performance. In some cases, these symptoms are the first signs that something is wrong in the body. Infectious diseases with particularly severe weight loss are, for example, HIV and tuberculosis.

Which illness causes complaints?

Gastrointestinal infections, ulcers, gastric mucosal or pancreatitis can cause the patient to eat less due to nausea or pain. In other gastrointestinal diseases is added that the nutrients cannot be sufficiently absorbed by the intestine in the body. This is the case, for example with diarrheal diseases but also with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases.

Worm Infestation: Also, weight loses who harbors parasites in its intestines, such as a cattle tapeworm or a fish tapeworm.

Food allergies and food intolerances such as lactose intolerance can lead to weight loss. First, because they are accompanied by severe symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating and nausea which make those concerned afraid of eating. Or the patient often refrains from meals because just about anything tolerable for him is not available. For some intolerance, the body can only partially process the ingested food. This is the case, for example, with intolerance of gluten.

Diabetes: People with type 1 diabetes lose weight if their blood sugar is not adjusted properly. The sugar is then not processed, but distributed over the urine. By contrast, type-2 diabetics are more likely to be overweight.

If you are diagnosed with losing weight, it is advisable to contact weight loss clinics Orange County at the earliest.

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