Battle Royale are live for Battle Pass owners. As usual, there's an variety of objectives to finish, a few of Fortnite Items for sale which are certainly not especially straightforward based around the description alone. One such example involves trying to find something "from the Metal Bridge, Three Billboards, along with a Crashed Bus." Here's how to seek out that and tips on handling some on the other challenges now.Provided you just aren't intimately familiar using the map, seeking the landmarks from the aforementioned challenge might be very difficult.

That's particularly true when everyone else into the spotlight is attempting to kill you--and may be worried you'll carry out the same as they definitely try to uncover this location. Luckily, it's actually not all that difficult--it is possible to see the spot from the video above. You'll should either parachute on the bus or increase to the top a small mountain located between Shifty Shafts and Salty Springs. It's just northeast of any bridge near Shifty Shafts. However you get on the top, you can see a Battle Star item there for you to definitely pick up (done precisely the same way you'd open a chest).

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