Warriors today against the spurs, back-to-back games played a very intense, iguodala continue to have a good play, he contributed Danny Ainge Jersey 14 points, 6 rebounds and six of nine mobile warfare, plus or minus value to + 17 efficiency.Warriors beat the spurs 110-98 reverse in the end.Recently, iguodala state is pretty good, often have amazing play in the game, such as playing a grizzly bear came down 20 points.In fact, since the durant fall injury, iguodala is no longer "feign death".Durant first 12 wars, iguodala is averaging 11.7 points and shooting up to 6. The game http://www.officialcelticsproshop.com/Dennis_Johnson_Jersey today, the opening game of the SAN Antonio spurs to the warriors, awing with tough defense to attack of the warriors in the first four minutes of time unexpectedly one more point, maximum reached 21 points, the first section is so difficult, the warriors can still win? The answer is, of the mighty have iguodala in, what kind of despair is promising.When iguodala play scene began to change, of the mighty iguodala on the offensive end points in a row, midrange jumper, abandoning http://www.officialcelticsproshop.com/Dennis_Johnson_Jersey the perimeter 3 points, also his scoring a series of relieves the struggle of the mighty.Includes a 2 + 1 into, also greatly encouraging the morale of the mighty. In the first half, iguodala in 15 minutes, 10 points and 3 rebounds. OtherwiseThe most important of all, with the existence of iguodala, warriors almost erased the gap in the first half, let the game back to the same starting line. In the second half the real battle between iguodala still occasionally flashes in the offensive and defensive.Today iguodala scored in double figures, and this is his third straight game scoring in double figures, for the first time this season.This section iguodala has dedicated the wonderful individual difficult shooting scenes, and the late start, and he and clark, wes well such as teammates on the court against the Gerald Green Womens Jersey spurs squad, maintained a good situation for the warriors.In the end, the warrior gains the victory, scored a rare in SAN Antonio

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