The Borussia Dortmund manager, Thomas Tuchel, has angrily criticised Uefa for the rescheduling Ray Allen Jersey of their Champions League quarter-final tie with Monaco, claiming its actions made the club feel “impotent”.Dortmund and Monaco took to the field at the Signal Iduna Park, less than 24 hours after the original tie was postponed when three explosions went off near their team bus as they made their way to the ground on Tuesday, leaving the defender Marc Bartra needing surgery on an arm injury.The hosts looked understandably distracted during the first-leg tie – eventually losing 3-2 – and Tuchel claims his side were told they had to play via a text message from Uefa.Borussia Dortmund's 'yellow wall' stands tall in face of attack “We were informed by text message that Uefa was making this decision,” Tuchel said. “We would have liked more time to take stock. This gives you the feeling of impotence, that we have to keep functioning and nothing else matters.“A decision made in Switzerland that concerns us directly. We will not forget it. It is a very bad feeling. A few minutes after this attack the only question that was asked was: ‘Are you ready to play?’ As if we had thrown a beer on our coach. At that time we did not know the reasons for this attack. There is a feeling of helplessness. The date was imposed on us. We weren’t asked about playing the game. Uefa is eager to continue playing and, of course, we have to keep it going but we still want to be competitive. Every player has the right to deal with it in his way. The team did not feel in the mood, in which you must be for such a game. We were attacked as men and we tried to solve the problem on the ground. The players had the choice not to DeMarcus Cousins Jersey play but no one chose this option.”Uefa issued a statement which read: “We were in touch with all parties and never received any information which suggested that any of the teams did not want to play.”The Dortmund midfielder Nuri Sahin offered an emotional insight into how badly players had been affected. “It’s hard to talk about it,” the former Liverpool player said. “I get goosebumps ... when you were in the bus last night... I can’t forget the faces.“We love football, we suffer with football, we love football. I know we earn a lot of money and have a privileged life but we are human beings. There is so much more than football in this world and last night we felt it.Kylian Mbappe gives Monaco crucial edge against Borussia Dortmund“We saw it a lot of times on TV and it was far, far away from us, even when it was in Istanbul, my country, on New Year’s Eve. It was close but also very far from us and last night we felt how it is like to be in a situation like this and I don’t wish anyone a feeling like this.”Before the match, both sets of supporters sent out a powerful message of unity, singing Dortmund’s adopted football song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” while the home fans also applauded Monaco’s travelling support for extending their trip another 24 hours.The club’s stricken defender Bartra, in hospital having undergone surgery on an arm injury sustained in the blasts, also gave a positive update on his condition via instagram.He wrote: “Hello everyone! As you see I am much better, thanks to everyone for the messages of support! All my strength to my teammates for tonight’s game!”Their city rivals were trailing 1,500km away while they themselves led. Twice in three years Diego Simeone’s side reached the final and both times they were cruelly defeated by Real, the coach describing the weeks after Milan as like “a period of mourning”. At the team hotel Atlético’s fans had waited, fireworks colouring the air. “Bring happiness to my heart,” they sang, “the Champions League is our obsession.” How could it not be after what Real did to them? How could they not celebrate their misfortune?Cold revenge would mean meeting them again and slipping in the knife of course, sure, but hearts here might not be able to take that and Arturo Vidal’s opener brought cheer. Plus there was hope that Real could go out and thus be avoided should Atlético get through – and, although it was early, although that feeling was fleeting and Cristiano Ronaldo turned the game round in Germany, Atlético were showing every sign they would. “Let’s go Atléti, let’s go!” the Calderón called.They were already up and running. Fernando Torres, Koke, Yannick Carrasco, Griezmann, Torres, Saúl and Diego Godín all had shots in the opening quarter of an hour. Kasper Schmeichel gestured for the ballboy to slow down; his team needed a break. Atlético were everywhere, possession and momentum theirs. Griezmann, especially, was acquainted with every inch of Georgios Papagiannis Jersey this pitch. It felt a matter of time until the goal, and on 26 minutes it arrived: Munich first, then Madrid.

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