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Original Title: Spider Man

Genge: Action,Adventure,Family,Sci-Fi
































To fight against the evil Iron Cross Army, led by the space emperor Professor Monster, a daredevil motorcyclist transforms into the famous Marvel Superhero, with a racecar and giant transforming robot at his disposal.
This is legitimately my favorite TV show. I have yet to find anything so purely fun and entertaining as Toei's ridiculous, amazing, absurdly fantastic Japanese Spider-Man.

Strangely enough, this show actually served as Toei's first outing into the sentai Power Rangers "summon giant robot to battle giant kaiju" formula. If this show has one failing, it's that they hadn't yet figured out that having Spidey one-shot every villain isn't particularly thrilling.

Even so, the robot battles tend to be an afterthought to an otherwise wacky action show. You'll see Spidey gun down puddies with an SMG, or web-sling onto an actual helicopter, or drive a motorcycle to hunt down a bike gang, or any number of far-out shennanigans. The latest episode I watched had him literally die, go to Hell, re-kill a monster he'd sent there, and then fight his way to back to land of the living. He does stuff like that ALL THE TIME.

It is still possible to watch this on, for some reason. Everywhere else, even (which recently took down the episodes to free up server space), has decided it's not worth it.

Do yourself a favor and watch an episode of this show. You will not be disappointed. To fight against the evil Iron Cross Army, led by the space emperor Professor Monster, a daredevil motorcyclist transforms into the famous Marvel Superhero, with a racecar and giant transforming robot at his disposal. "Supaidâman" is a 70's live action TV show based upon Spider-man that takes place in Japan, so i just finished the first 2 episodes and i have to say that Captain America and The Fantastic 4 look way better now in my eyes because if you thought that Marvel made bad movies or projects in general back in the 90's then you should definitely see this version of Spider-Man where he turns into a Power Ranger, drives a Spider-Car and controls a giant robot and fights crappy Power Rangers villains that's right. There's also way too many scenes that get repeated for some reason and also Spider-man likes to scream "Spider String" and "Spider Net" and the complete origins story has changed so much that feels like an actual Power Rangers film if you thought that Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 were worse than this sh*t then you clearly never liked Spider-man in the first place (0/10) has the entire series including the 30 minute movie. No, none of the villians from the comics appear at all. However Professor Monster resembles Dr. Doom who was a Fantastic 4 villian and one of the Machine Bems resembles Ben Grimm/The Thing one of the Fantastic 4 members. 1. Spider-Man's alter ego is Takuya Yamashiro instead of Peter Parker who was caucasion.

2. Takuya is a motocross racer and not a photographer like Peter was.

3. Takuya has 1 sister and 1 brother when Peter was an only child.

4. Takuya's father was killed by an intergalactic group called Iron Cross Army and seeks vengence to prevent his dad's death from being in vein, instead of Peter Parker avenging the death of his Uncle Ben.

5. Takuya receives his spider powers from a braclet that injects a serum that gives him the powers of a spider.

6. Takuya received the bracelet from Garia from the planet Spider rather than being bitten by a radioactive spider.

7. The Spider Man costume comes out of the bracelet for Takuya to wear.

8. The bracelet has the ability to shoot out a web, which saves Takuya trouble from making his own web device like Peter Parker did.

9. The web string resembles a white rope.

10. Takuya has his own custom made car called GP7 to drive in when as Spider-Man instead of his motorcycle as a civilian.

11. Takuya is able to command a giant robot called the Leopardor which transforms from the flying Marveller. While Peter Parker had no giant robot of his own.

12. The main antagnogists is the Iron Cross Army.


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