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Original Title: Super

Genge: Action,Comedy,Drama












































Frank Darrbo is a hapless fry cook. When his wife Sarah falls off the wagon and dumps him for Jacques, a drug dealer, Frank tries to get her back by reporting her kidnapped, grabbing her from Jacques' car, and wailing for her to return. After watching Christian TV and having a vision, he becomes a superhero to fight evil. He sews a costume, finds a weapon (a pipe wrench) and looks for crimes to stop. He has problems: his wrench inflicts real injury, so the cops want him for being a vigilante, his sense of boundaries is flawed, and Jacques' gang has guns. Libby, a clerk at a comic book store, becomes his sidekick, and it's time to go save Sarah. What chance do they have?
After his wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer, an everyday guy transforms himself into Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best intentions, but lacking in heroic skills.
This movie was seriously graphic the acting was horrible, the story was vulgarer, and it mainly circled around a drug addiction! Super is about a man who is losing his wife to a drug dealer. As time passes he has a vision which may not be suitable for younger viewers, that god has chosen him to fight crime, he carries out this deed with the help of a comic book fanatic. I did not find this move the least bit funny and so where even sad that and the graphics are depressing! If you watch Kick ass you are saving a whole hour of your life, that and the story is better! I give Super a 6 out of 10 it wasn't horrible, but just bad and just a complete eye soar!
When you judge it solely by the trailer, "Super" looks like it's an outrageous over the top parody of superhero blockbusters. This isn't entirely false of course, and there are a tremendous lot of beautiful and creative homages to the genre mixed in, but the movie goes a lot further than that. Rainn Wilson plays a highly tragicomic character here, he's a true anti-hero. Not the standard one-dimensional comedy anti-hero you've seen a hundred times before mind you, but a character you really feel for because he's as real as it gets. That's a weird thing to say about a dude in a superhero outfit who spends the night beating up drug dealers with a wrench, but I'm going to stick with it anyway. "Super"'s tone is a lot less cheerful than you'd initially expect, there's a constantly gripping bittersweetness involved that keeps taking you off guard. The balance between drama and comedy is just great though, so there are plenty of laughs too. Ellen Page is hysterical (as well as some other things) as the sociopath sexual predator sidekick, and the villain roles for Kevin Bacon and B-list hero Michael Rooker couldn't be more perfect. "Super" is a clever dramedy by people who just really know what they're doing, few things can beat that.
Gunn successfully shifts between celebrating violence and mourning it, but his handling of emotional evolution is clumsier; he seems particularly out of his depth in the film's mawkish ending. But Page is a revelation: There isn't another gorgeous twentysomething actress working today who could more convincingly reveal sexual bravado to be simultaneously silly and creepy.
No, it is an original story by James Gunn. It is a cartoon specifically created for the movie.


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