Harbin citizens Mister. Zheng bought four smooth Chinese cigarettes online, prepared to use in the wedding. To Mr.. Zheng's disappointment, the smoking cigarettes were not different from the real types in appearance, but they were certainly different in taste. Mister. Zheng said that he purchased cigarettes on the Internet is a bargain cost, and the merchants promise is totally true, because it is recycled present cigarettes, so the relative selling price is much lower as we know, presently, there are a lot of merchants selling cigs on the Internet, and the price is incredibly appealing. Soft China 240 Newport 100s for Sale yuan a piece, yuxi 130 yuan a piece... The price of most tobacco is much lower than the market selling price, businesses also play a large commitment brand, in order to "fool" consumers hook reporters within heilongjiang province public protection department learned that now the labeling of fake cigarettes and actual cigarettes are more and more comparable, it is difficult for consumers to recognize. Our country tobacco accessories unified price, the price of all sorts of brand cigarettes sold on the web is only 20 to fifty percent off the retail price of normal cigarettes, so Marlboro Red Cigarettes consumers may judge the authenticity Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In USA of tobacco as long as the price. Additional, smoke cigarettes wine belongs to monopoly post, sell smoke itself on the internet privately is illegal conduct, must not covet petty obtain, let the person that make fake sell false can take benefit of.

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