Projet riding glasses not only develop the role of blocking the sun's rays, but also to prevent sand. Tibet travel now Jiujiao you ultimately choose 5 different colors of the projet riding glasses. Plateau operating glasses generally have dvd grade PC material standard zoom lens, according to the difference between the quick and Cheap Ray Ban Sale
late to replace various color lenses. When you choose someone, you must pay attention to whether or not it's fine to use a mirror Wholesale Ray Bans Sunglasses
in the mirror, although the myopia lens is the really need to match their own.
1, hued lenses tinted lenses might filter a lot of blue light-weight, can effectively improve the vision contrast and clarity, made for wearing in foggy or simply under severe air pollution.
couple of, yellow lens yellow standard zoom lens from the shading effect will not be as good as other color contacts, almost can not reduce observable light, that is, shading consequence is very Wholesale Ray Ban UK
weak. But in the exact foggy Wholesale Ray Ban UK
or dusk, yellow hue lenses can improve the set off and clearer sight.
3 or more, black mirror black standard zoom lens can effectively block the sun's rays, at noon when the solar is the most practical lenses. The exact lens of the myopia can be quite large radian (in in an attempt to achieve the effect of wind turbine resistance, it must be designed) that will cause the lens can be quite close to the eye. In this post pin case, but also Ray Bans Cheap
in the middle by using a built-in myopia box with which has no space as is often imagined, many riding associates reflect the eyelashes hint the lens, a pair of dvd glasses normal to the face of the distance about 12mm in the appropriate standard. It is possible to consequence of shortening the position? We can test: if you are in possession of a pair of optical glasses, you can go to slowly move forward the exact glasses, you will find the line gets increasingly blurred. The reason is simple, when the lens is nearer to the eyes, the more distinct, that is, the increase in the penetration of lens lens, high penetration of natural dizziness and eye lids swelling. So how do we work out this problem? I think: 25 degrees of severity or 50 degrees as part of your original Ray Ban On Sale
optical degree. These days most of the myopia riding counter is to facilitate the production plus design, directly in the neo myopia riding a mirror placed on the frame
4, translucent lens transparent lens performance is mainly to prevent rain or simply wind.
5, chrome plated lenses to be used in the Fake Ray Bans
face of the exact snow or high light-weight strong ultraviolet light in your neighborhood can only be used on the projet, we would like to have a friend.

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