SBM construction waste treatment equipment to build green development society

Build a harmonious society, establish a modern green building design concept, establish a new model of planning and design, construction, use and development of demolition of the entire life cycle of the building, development, design and construction of a new generation of green residential.
It is understood that the service life of China's housing has been shortened, the annual removal of construction waste generated by the demolition of housing accounted for 30% of the total amount of garbage 40%, the phenomenon of garbage siege is even more alarming, not only affects the city beautiful, but also occupy the land, Erosion of the earth's surface, polluting groundwater sources, pose a great threat to human living environment. In contrast, foreign construction waste has been widely used, the construction waste in the stones, concrete blocks and broken brick treated, can be used as concrete or mortar aggregates (referred to as recycled aggregates) use. Recycled aggregate production of concrete is generally used for the basic pavement and non-load-bearing structure, through the selection and strict control of the mix, but also to meet the requirements of the load-bearing structure of concrete, with a large number, low cost, wide use advantages for road pavement, Artificial landscape, road construction and so on.
In recent years, China's construction waste crusher business has also been greatly developed. Zhengzhou SBM company's construction waste equipment reprocessing of construction waste, recycling, resources to achieve the rational use of re-use, SBM's production of fixed construction waste equipment and mobile construction waste equipment on the construction waste in many of the waste After sorting, rejecting or smashing, most of them can be reused as renewable resources. SBM's new equipment mobile crushing station can not only solve the problem of sludge treatment in river mud and sewage treatment plants, but also solve the problem of fly ash, domestic waste , Construction waste and sawdust and other waste emissions. It fills up the blank of new wall materials for sintering and sintering raw materials such as silt, fly ash, slag and construction waste in the city and the surrounding area. It will provide more, better and newer energy-saving green building materials products to the wall materials market.
The construction waste treatment equipment produced by Zhengzhou SBM Company has brought tremendous benefits for the development of construction waste, which can realize the reduction and recycling of construction waste, save natural resources and protect the ecological environment, and has a good prospect for development.

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