Sanding machine wearing parts should pay attention to what?

Sand making machine (sand making machine) belongs to the large-scale production equipment, and sand making machine head and rotor belong to the core components of the device, but also extremely easy to wear parts. In the process of gravel production, equipment running parts will inevitably wear, parts wear will not only affect the production efficiency of sand making machine, serious sand can even lead to unusable. In order to ensure the normal operation of equipment, should pay attention to the wearing parts of sand making machine?
First, choose a good wear resistance, high-quality accessories.
Choose accessories with good wear resistance and select high quality parts when choosing accessories, which not only can improve the production efficiency of equipment, reduce the number of replacement parts, but also save a lot of maintenance and repair costs for enterprises.
Second, the operator needs a preliminary understanding of the sand-making machine wearing parts before the specific operation of the equipment, and then pay attention to the status of the sand making machine during the operation in the field. If the abnormality is found, stop the machine in time.
Third, regular inspection and maintenance of sand making machine parts to ensure that all parts of the equipment without loosening, no damage, in good condition.
Equipment for a long time, the need for timely wear parts replacement, so as not to affect the sand production efficiency, and even lead to serious accidents. Maintenance of easily damaged parts, it is best to regularly open the observation point of the equipment to observe the internal wear and tear of the equipment, focusing on the sand saw blade wear and tear, the head and hard texture of the raw material collision can easily cause damage to the blade, Will leave a lot of small pits where the blade edge, these pits initially looks very small, but the larger number may lead to the roll up. Therefore, the operator needs to carefully observe the wear of the cutter head, and if the cutter head is found to be greatly worn or rolled up, people need to change the cutter head in time.

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