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Sanding machine running-in period should pay attention to what

As with cars, sand making machine and other machinery and equipment before the formal work also has a period of running-in debugging. Running-in period of mechanical equipment is also called go-ahead, generally refers to the mechanical parts in the initial operation of contact, friction, occlusion process. Run-in period can be adjusted to enhance the operation of various parts of machinery and equipment with the ability to adapt to the environment, and wear parts uneven convex parts. The advantages and disadvantages of sand making equipment running in, sand making equipment life, safety, economy will have a significant impact.
Although the sand making equipment has also been put into operation at the factory, but the surface of the parts will still be rough. In addition, processing and assembly there will be some deviation and some more difficult to find the hidden dangers. Therefore, the new factory sand making equipment must go through a certain period of time running in order to better ensure that the late sand making equipment normal and orderly work.
For new users, may not understand the functional structure and performance characteristics of the sand making equipment, without reasonable mechanical running in the early stage, it is easy to appear sand making machine equipment is not efficient, or even less than expected Effect, since the early run-in is so important, how to make sand-making equipment through the run-in period of safety, sand making equipment to play to the extreme, so that the latter part of the production into formal.
Sanding machine equipment running in general and supporting crushing, screening equipment run-in, sand making machine equipment operation between their own parts and raw materials between the run-in period should pay attention to several aspects:
1, before operation, please carefully read the manufacturer's sand making machine instructions and operating manual, familiar with the equipment performance.
2, no-load operation and load operation, under normal circumstances, the air load operation for 4 hours on it, in the empty load operation to check the flexibility of the next pulley, the machine is installed securely, there are no other noise, etc., in time Check, adjust the loose parts, to prevent loosening caused by parts wear.
3, pay attention to the running-in period of work load, work load not more than 80% of the rated work load, arrange the appropriate workload to prevent prolonged work due to test the heat caused by the phenomenon of the machine.
4, in the run-in period should pay attention to the lubrication of equipment, poor lubrication, will cause the scratches and occlusion of precision parts.
5, in the run-in we often have to check the data of the instrument to see if there is an exception.
6, standardize operations, timely inspection and maintenance.

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