Path of Exile’s New Expansion Launches

The latest expansion for Grinding Gear Games' role-playing game POE Items  , Atlas of Worlds, will launch on September 2, the developer revealed today.

According to developers, Atlas of Worlds is really a reimagining of Path of Exile's current end game. Using the sport's map generator and crafting system, players can adjust the properties in the maps they generate and also the content they'll find therein. The expansion includes 30 more areas and 19 new bosses, at the same time as a refreshed, higher-quality hunt for all existing older maps.

These new maps aren't just random areas, either. Grinding Gear Games has added narrative content, wrapping the key reason why and purpose behind these new areas into a greater new story.

Areas offer higher difficulty too. Areas round the outskits on the new map are anticipated to offer content around level 28, while levels closer to your middle with the map--plus the final bosses--includes content around level 86.  Come to MMOAH to get POE Currency at:

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