Newport Regular Cigarettes no sense of main

(3) comparison of microscale stamping technology for the base regarding huamei on the back of this

Real cigarette microshrink anti-counterfeiting printing pattern effect is apparent, high definition, overprinter accurate; Bogus smoke is the use of digital photography or scanning imitation, size and pattern deformation improved, Newport Regular Cigarettes no sense of main and secondary, microscale craent and pattern is tough, the effect presented is fluffy.

(iv) comparison of stamping as well as sealing technology of packaging film at the bottom of the container

The real cigarette adopts vacuum cleaner constant temperature and ruthless, high speed hot stamping procedure, good sealing, high openness of overlapping parts with no obvious bubbles; False fumes is manual hot closing, sealing hot Cheap Newport Cigarettes 100s overlap securing degree is poor, lower transparency, more Newport 100s for Sale bubbles and also uneven.

Real cigarette cigarette color presents Carton Newport 100s Price a fantastic yellow or orange yellow-colored, uniform color and original appeal, less Marlboro Gold Cigarettes smoke content; The colour of false smoke is actually dark yellow, containing much more stem and smoke finish, poor filling.

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