With regard to "press proof", "internal", "abstract" contains political metaphor regarding alcohol, tobacco, such as brand, review around, deputy movie director of the state administration to get industry and Newport Regular Cigarettes commerce hallmark office wang tells any reporter, trademark registration factors absolute reason and relatives reasons, absolute reason is actually anyone can't register for a favorite, such as the national Marlboro Gold Cigarettes name, location name, at or over a county level and the importance of the lack of recognition, and so on; Newport 100s Wholesale The main reason is the conflict with all the existing trademark. "Clear sample", "internal reference" and other brands belong to the neutral term, the examination mainly to verify if there is a conflict with the current trademark. The use of these titles is Wholesale Newport Cigarettes for Resale a market behavior, inside the trademark can not control, can simply control the "special", "special". The state council office involving state affairs has also released a regulation to stop or authorize the use of "special supply", "special supply" along with other signs, "special supply of products, metaphorical names, in the end, is the result of the idea of opportunity, reflecting how deeply grounded the concept of hierarchy is in the thoughts Carton of Newport 100s Online of some people. Zhou shuzhen, director of the research middle for the construction of a thoroughly clean government at renmin college of China, said typically the special goods are a symbol of benefit and status, which degrades social morality, distorts product prices, hinders fair competitors, and promotes unhealthy interpersonal morality and abnormal customer psychology. At the same time, we additionally remind people that correcting often the "four winds" is a extensive and arduous task.

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