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Original Title: Nazis At The Center Of The Earth

Genge: Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi,Thriller



















































Researchers in Antarctica are abducted by a team of masked storm troopers. They are dragged deep underground to a hidden continent in the center of the earth. Here Nazi survivors, their bodies a horrifying patchwork of decaying and regenerated flesh, are planning for the revival of the Third Reich.
This film sucked so much Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen felt good about it self.No seriously this is a terrible film.I walked in to this film hoping to find a hidden gem,what I found was actually a load of part of the movie :Jake Busey,seriously BEST ACTOR EVER! His agent,not so much.the plot is ridiculous,in some cases that could make a fairly okay movie,but in this case ,it took itself too seriously,which I guess hurt the film. Another problem with the film,is the lack of care I gave about the characters (10 min left in the film,and I still didn't any of their names).Oh and the abuse the fact that their snow base is called Nipplesomething.
I enjoyed this documentary.

I watch it for my school history research. I had heard that Nazis were not very nice people, but not sure how not nice that was. This film explain exactly why people not like Nazis. They have no sense of humour and they do not care that people get upset at having their face ripped off or spleen removed. Doctor Mengele is not a nice doctor. His bedside manner needs some work, and he needs refresher on infection control. Has nice hat and coat, however. Now I understand how bad Nazis are, even worse when zombies. I have decided not to become Nazi now. Was not sure until see this film. Maybe I think people say bad things about Nazis. Maybe they just misunderstood? No, Nazis are rather unpleasant. Yes, really. They not care about abortion or cut head off. This I have learned from this film and have cancelled interview at recruit bureau. Close thing, Pheww! Also, secret of UFO is explained. I have no need to watch discovery channel or Penn and Teller again because this film show me truth. German technology more advanced than Chinese or even Korean. I like that everything is made to last. Not shoddy plastic. Big rivets and sheets of iron - probably galvanized before assembly for better life.

Wish more time spent on showing character of average Nazi soldier. Do he have wife and maybe zombie kids? What does he like to do on day off'? Does he watch television, maybe Oprah or Jay Lenno? Where he buy groceries and hobby supplies? What product to wash blood off? Must use a lot of it, whatever.

How Hitler comb his hair? This is never explained and I worry sleepless about it. Otherwise great documentary on what became of master race after world war. I never believe they went to moon, so not easily fooled by lies and conspiracy theories. This is much easier to understand, simple truth of it.

I would give ten points, but relentless seriousness in delivery means I can only give nein (!)


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