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IRS has designed various tax slabs for the citizens of the US as per the compensation they get. But there are some people who forget to pay the taxes they are entitled to pay. IRS has introduced tax lien against such individuals who are not done with their taxes. When IRS uses tax lien against you, they can claim property belonging to you in order to recover the unpaid amount for your current tax debt. IRS owe back taxes and protects the interests of government by charging the assets of defaulters who have not paid the tax on time.

IRS files a tax lien against the individuals with back taxes and don’t even attempt to pay it. Besides this they don’t cooperate with the IRS when it demands repayment for the amount owed. IRS file tax lien to warn the defaulters so that it regains the money owned. IRS keeps the process of filing lien in much regimented manner. Initially, IRS sends the concerned person an official assessment letter which encapsulates the person’s current tax liabilities. The amount of unpaid taxes you owe, and the other interest and penalties you sustained as an outcome of nonpayment are precisely described in the assessment letter.

An individual is recommended to not commit the mistake of ignoring the assessment letter which is sent by IRS for IRS settlement, if someone does so, he will get four notices back to back CP 501, CP 502, CP 503, and CP 504, following that letter. The amount you owned increases when you receives the notices from IRS, the additional penalties and interest get added on and on. Even after receiving the back to back notices from IRS, the person does not respond IRS steps forward and decide to file a notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL).

If you have got assessment letter or any of the aforementioned notices then you are recommended to seek consultation from Ooraa.org. It is the leading debt settlement consulting firm which has got various experts to get you the IRS back taxes help. If you are fed up of your back taxes and warned by the notices from IRS then you must not delay in contacting Ooraa.org.

About Ooraa.org:

Ooraa.org is the fastest growing debt settlement consulting firm which has helped various people in availing IRS back taxes help.

For more details, visit Ooraa.org

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