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Genge: Action,Crime,Romance,Thriller












































After his last contract, the hitman Martin "Christian" Terrier tells his only friend Michel that he will retire; however Michel advises that the Organization will never let him go. Christian visits his boss Cox to receive the payment for his last work and to inform his decision but Cox does not admit that he quits the Organization. Christian visits the manager of his money, Jeanne Faulques, and he learns that she had invested part of his money in a turkey farm in the countryside. He drives to the place to spend a couple of days and has a love affair with Claire, who runs the farm with her husband Félix and has a loveless marriage. Out of the blue, criminals arrive at the farm and Félix is murdered. Christian and Claire kill the killers and they head to Paris to travel abroad. However, Christian discovers that Jeanne is dead and his money was stolen from the bank safe. Then, Christian and Claire are abducted by the men of Cox that wants Christian to have his last contract. In return, he would return his money plus the payment of his fees. Can Christian trust in Cox?
Hitman wants to retire but the Organization does not allow him to quit. He meets a woman and has a love affair. When he goes to the bank safe, he finds that his money was stolen. Now his only chance to have his money back and freedom is one last job.
This review may contain spoilers. I am a fan of Catherine Deneuve and Alain Delon. That said, it was a lot of fun to see two lovely stars together. I was not expecting much. Thus, I was surprised to find some plot twist. I think that it is believable for Alain Delon's character to fall in love with Catherine Deneuve. After all, she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. I think this movie should not be over analyzed. Just sit back, relax and enjoy it. It is mildly suspenseful and romantic and fun. I wish there were more movies of Catherine Deneuve and Alain Delon together. Although Catherine Deneuve is still active making movies, I think Alain Delon has retired.
Yet another superficial, yet mildly entertaining time-waster in the crime genre--a "crime-waster". Alain Delon and Deneuve must be about the best-looking pair in cinema, even if they were not so young anymore in 1982. But that only carries so much weight. This is another in the long line of stories about a hit man who wants out of the "business". In this case it's not so much that he knows too much, it's that he's too good at his job and nobody can truly replace him. When Delon informs the crime boss, a Monsieur Cox, that he wants out, Cox tries to tempt him with money, but Delon stands his ground. After a violent episode, he knows he must flee Paris. His ex-wife, Stéphane Audran, gets him a "turkey factory" ("usine de dindon"), really a turkey farm as a cover for his disappearance. Once there, overrun by frightened fowl, he discovers employee Deneuve, who lives with her abusive, drunken, atonal-jazz-obsessed husband. To the harsh strains of Anthony Braxton, the two men face off and reach a stalemate. The husband departs and the two lovely stars pair up. Later, when hit men (plus one woman) turn up in retribution for one of Delon's past "jobs", some entertaining and over-the-top violence ensues, as Deneuve manages to help Delon overtake the gang when she thrusts a fireplace poker clear through the woman (ouch!!). The violence here, and elsewhere, is quite graphic. The rest of the film consists of numerous narrow escapes and 'deux ex machina' resolutions. Delon and Deneuve are both much better than this material, which was co-written and co-directed by Monsieur Delon. If you don't take it too seriously, it's fun to watch the ridiculous violence and the occasionally beautiful locations.


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