Know advantages of dental implants Irvine, CA:

Dental implants Irvine, CA offer many advantages and are the best solution to restore the function and aesthetics of the teeth. We are happy to give you an overview of the advantages of dental implants:

Protect healthy teeth:

In contrast to bridges or other alternatives, where the healthy teeth have to be ground off, dental implants dentist Irvine, CA offers the advantage that the tooth substance of the remaining teeth is completely preserved. This, in turn, reduces the risk of infection and tooth decay. Dental implants are therefore not only functionally sophisticated but above all gentle on replacing missing teeth.

Avoid bone loss:

If natural teeth are lost, for example, due to an accident, bone loss occurs over time due to the lack of stress. Similar to muscles that are no longer exercised, the jawbone also disappears when not in use. The advantage of implants is that they re-physiologically load the jawbone, meaning that they stimulate the bone in a similar way to their own teeth, thus preventing the breakdown of the jawbone and bone loss.

Prevent incorrect loading of the teeth by dental implants:

Another advantage of dental implants Irvine, CA is that they protect the jaw from stress. Due to missing teeth and gaps in the teeth, the remaining teeth are increasingly burdened. The teeth, which serve as a bridge pier, must accordingly receive an increased chewing force, which was otherwise distributed to all teeth.

Firm hold & safety:

A particular benefit of dental implants Irvine, CA is the firm grip and safety they give patients. For example, prostheses can be firmly anchored on the implant which has the advantage that the patient is spared painful pressure points. In addition, since the need for a palate plate by the use of implants deleted, the preservation of the sense of taste can be guaranteed.

Long durability:

A very clear advantage of implants is durability. Always paying attention to good implant care and professional follow-up by the cosmetic dentist Irvine, CA, dental implants have an unrestricted lifetime.

More quality of life through dental implants:

Tooth loss due to an accident or illness is painful and puts a strain on self-esteem and the psyche. The quality of life in work and private life is dwindling. All these advantages of implants thus result in an increase in the quality of life of the patient. They are the most sensible method of treating tooth gaps or a completely edentulous jaw as gently and aesthetically as possible.

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