An in-depth look at Final Fantasy XI's new jobs. It's confession time, folks. My Star Citizen fandom has been on the fritz. It's not that I'm less enamored with Cloud Imperium's sci-fi sandbox opus; it's just that the interminable waiting coupled with a pretty severe case of themepark Final Fantasy XIV burnout (help me, ArcheAge, you're my only hope) has conspired to foul my gaming mood of late.Fortunately, CIG read my mind and pulled me back in with its gangbusters Gamescom reveals.If you missed the post-Gamescom 10 for the Chairman, go watch it as soon as you're done reading. It's meaty stuff, and I was particularly keen on hearing Chris Roberts reiterate the fact that item decay is an important part of Star Citizen's core design (fast-forward to the vid's 10-minute mark for further details).Prior to that (around 9:00 on the clip timeline), he fielded an  FF14 Gil  interesting question on the viability of avoiding spaceships altogether and playing Star Citizen purely as a ground-pounder. Roberts hedged his response a bit, as he should at this early stage, but he also said that "there will definitely be an opportunity to focus much more on FPS" gameplay. He mentioned functioning as part of a multiplayer crew as well as the possibility of styling your character as a boarding specialist who exists to capture and hold opposing ships, space stations, and the like.Another noteworthy announcement this week was the $53 million stretch goal. It sounds basically like a gamemaster, and it will be a staff position at Cloud Imperium that will involve moderating in-game player disputes in some sort of immersive fashion.Initially I feared that the position might end up as an analog to EVE's player-run Council of Stellar Management. The more I thought about it, though, the fewer parallels I saw, at least given what we know about the CIG position right now. There's always the potential for abuse depending on what sort of player is picked to fill the position and what sorts of guilds, if any, hold sway over said player. Given Roberts' focus on immersion, though, I doubt he's keen on turning Star Citizen into an EVE -style metafest where all of the interesting stuff happens outside of the actual gameplay. The week's biggest news was of course the co-op crew stuff centered on the Constellation, and my first thought while watching it was wow, badass! My second thought was, hmm,

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