Important Things to Know About Preparing Baby Formula for the Newborns

When it comes to feeding the newborn babies, breastfeeding is the best option for a balanced diet full of nutrients. An infant formula is needed to replace or supplement the breast milk when mothers cannot feed or when they are looking to wean a baby before 12 months. Before getting started, you should gather all the equipment required for formula feeding. Most importantly, you need to walk through a minefield of brands for making the right selection. After you have chosen the best newborn formula in Australia, it is important to follow the right procedures of feeding. Here are some instructions to help:

Cleanliness is Important:

Always wash your hands properly before preparing the formula. Next, boil the bottles and teats for at least 5 minutes before using. These cleanliness steps are important to maintain proper hygiene and save your child from infections. Whenever you open a formula can, clean its lid and opener to ensure that no dirt or dust gets inside the formula.

Read the Instructions Carefully:

There are some label directions given on the formula container. You should follow them exactly as given. It is recommended that the water to be used for preparing the formula should be sterilised for 5 minutes. If you want to skip this step, ask a doctor and ensure that you use bottled water for the same. Also, use the standard scoop provided with the formula to measure the quantity.

Check the Use-By Date of the Formula:

The best newborn formula in Australia has the maximum shelf life of 24 months. The container has this date given properly. If a product exceeds its shelf life, it starts changing due to oxidation in the container. Therefore, check the use-by date and use the formula in this time to retain its taste and nutrient values.

Prefer Buying from Reputable Suppliers:

There may be counterfeit formulas illegally labelled to misrepresent their content and nutritional values. These products can harm your baby by causing infections or allergies. Hence, you should choose to buy from the reputable sellers only.

Do Not Heat in the Microwave:

Whether you are using breast milk or baby formula, it isn’t advisable to heat them in the microwave. It causes hot spots in the milk that can burn the baby’s mouth. Instead, you should warm the bottle of prepared milk under running hot water or by placing it in a pan of water heated on the stove. It depends on your baby’s taste whether you should give warm formula or cold formula.

Do not buy formula available in a dented container even if it is sold at huge discounts. Any structural damage to the container will allow the air to enter and contaminate the formula.

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