Important things to know about implants:

Are you thinking about dental implants dentist Irvine, CA, we would like to support you optimally with the enlightenment, planning, and realization of an implant supply. In order to assist you as an independent portal for all dental implant issues, we would like to discuss further relevant questions.


For most patients, the need for information is enormous and the situation is difficult to understand. In the long term, implants are almost always worthwhile in comparison to a conventional one if, in addition to the pure costs of implantation, the gain in quality of life is considered as well. Patients who once have a full denture will appreciate the benefits of solid dentures without a palatal plate.


Many dentist Irvine, CA offers dental implants - how do I find the right one?


Implantology has evolved enormously in recent decades, including in terms of handling for the cosmetic dentist Irvine, CA or oral surgeon. Thus, not least because of the advanced computer technology and the Internet, there is comprehensive 3D planning on the computer and even navigated implantation techniques with individually prepared drilling templates.


As a result, a large number of family dentist Irvine, CA also offers dental implants in order not to lose the patient to a more accomplished colleague. However, the general dentist Irvine, CA always know about their own experience and do not practice on the patient.


Which dental implants are suitable?


The decision as to which implant system is used is, of course, ultimately the responsibility of the practitioner himself. Because with the best cosmetic dentist in Orange County, CA, he is familiar with, he has the experience necessary for a successful treatment.


In addition, not every implant is suitable for every situation. Patients should be informed in detail during the counseling session and have the advantages of the implant system explained as well as the disadvantages.


Compatible and trendy: ceramic implants:


Titanium implants have long been considered a reliable solution for fixed dentures. Increasingly, however, patients have expressed a desire for metal-free restorations that, due to their material, meet the requirements of high biocompatibility, but also scores with regard to aesthetic aspects. Ceramic implants combine all these properties and represent a suitable alternative to conventional implants.


Ceramic implants consist of a ceramic compound of zirconium oxide. In addition to the aspects of compatibility and aesthetics, they are also characterized by special high quality of the material and increased resistance to bacteria which is favored by the reduced adhesion of dental documents.

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