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How to Accumulate Wealth by Saving Money

Do you know amazing stories of people who were heavily in debts and then suddenly discovered sole fantastic ways to revolutionize their financial reality? In this article, we will talk about the best the easiest tips for helping you get out of debt and even live your financial dream. Many people put off the idea to try these simple tools even when they are told what to do.

Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is our worst enemy. Just imagine, what would change if you tried? What is the worst thing that could happen? Don’t hesitate to try out new things and wait for results. There are quite a lot of reliable ways to get some money when you need it (like Canadian pay day loans, for example). Try to think about money as a bottle of water. When you have one with you during the day, you may not even want to drink. But when you don’t have it, you start to feel dreadfully thirsty.

The same is true about money. What if having money around you or with you could change your worry and angst? We are not talking about money for spending, for paying bills, or even for saving. What if having money just so you know it’s here could make you stop feeling thirsty?

Save 10 Percent of All Incoming Funds

It might sound a lot, but a lot of business coaches and financial experts like Bodo Schaefer insist that putting aside 10% of all funds (and 50% of any extra income) can help you achieve your financial goals. You can either keep it in cash or open a bank account.

The most important moment here is your attitude to this money. It shouldn’t look like you are “saving” it because saving money means spending it eventually. Think of it as having money and making an investment in your stable future.

Have A Considerable the Amount of Money 

Another great and useful tip from Bodo Schaefer and other financial experts is to put aside a certain amount of money, which is approximately a six months’ income. You never know what can happen with you – you may suddenly lose your job, need extra money or even become temporarily disabled. Once you put aside the money you don’t spend, you begin to create a safety zone around your money.

When you save a certain amount, whether it’s cash or in your bank account, you feel happier and worry less about money. You probably thought about the possibility of losing your wallet or getting mugged. However, when you are willing to have a decent amount of money with you at all times, you also need to be aware of the money.

Purchase Things of Intrinsic Value

In case you are afraid you will spend your 10% or the big amount of money, you carry around; think about buying things of inherent material value. This way you will not only enjoy your purchase but also ensure these things will grow in value over time. Purchasing gold, platinum or antique jewelry can be fun and also a great investment.

If budgeting and saving money were the complete answer to your financial problems, wouldn’t you have solved them long ago? So, if you would like to change your financial reality and your financial future, it’s time for you to change the feeling of lack and anxiety and to replace it with confidence and ease. When you are relaxed and confident that money can come to you easily, will it be easier to make more of it? Will you enjoy this process more? This is what changing your financial reality is about – replacing what doesn’t work with things that can really help. 

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