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sumary:Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. Friction between the houses leads to full-scale war. All while a very ancient evil awakens in the farthest north. Amidst the war, a neglected military order of misfits, the Night's Watch, is all that stands between the realms of men and icy horrors beyond.

Where you feel the movies come alive! It's Very awsome episodesand I'm watching with my girlfriend. I will tell you that I was looking for 2 hours. Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1is enjoying a very successful opening weekend in the USA, with box office numbers looking promising for future sequels.

So we get more outer-space adventure, more origin story material and more of what will make this 1st MCU episodesdifferent from the previous 20 MCU movies.

She is the one we did not see happen. Still, Brie Larson’s resume impresses. The actress has been playing on TV and episodessets since the age of 1. The one that some confuse with the Swedish Alicia Vikander (Tomb Raider) won an Oscar in 201. She is the star of the very first film Marvel with a female lead. And soon, she will play a CIA agent in a series commissioned by Apple for its future platform. Series that she co-produces.

Unknown to the general public in 201, this “girl next door” won the Academy Award for best actress for her poignant performance in “Room”, the true story of a woman sequestered with her child by a predator. She had preceded on the charts Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Lawrence, both already haloed of a statuette, but also Charlotte Rampling and Saoirse Ronan.

At the age of 26, at this Oscar night, where she appeared in a steamy blue-gauze dress, the auburn-haired actress gained access to the club of Hollywood’s hottest actresses.

With its classic and discreet beauty, this Californian from Sacramento has won the summit. She was seen in “1 Jump Street” with Channing Tatum, and in “Crazy Amy” by Judd Apatow. And against more prominent actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence, Gal Gadot or Scarlett Johansson, Brie Larson signed a seven-deal deal with Marvel.

Why she ? His long history with Disney can partly explain this choice, but also the fact that it does not embody an inaccessible perfection. A majority of girls can project themselves into their character of “Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1” who hears that she is not talented enough to succeed as men, before becoming the most powerful in the universe.

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