Fortnite Guide: (Season 4, Week 6 Challenges)

The other tricky challenge for Buy Fortnite Items now is a Hard-difficulty one who has you search from your playground, campsite, and footprint. This most likely are not tough in case you recognize a number of these locations, but it is possible to just look into the map below to see the place you should go. Located among these points, you'll discover a Battle Star icon; just walk approximately it and you may collect it to perform the challenge.

The most Week 6 is comparatively straightforward. You'll should deal 1,000 damage with shotguns, which you'll want to most easily have the ability to do in close-quarters, indoor locations--heading to your place like Tilted Towers may be the best option. Another calls for that you search three supply drops; these spawn more often in certain alternate modes, to have more luck finding one by jumping into among those. Searching chests in Loot Lake and eliminating opponents in Retail Row is actually repeatedly dropping at those locations for Fortnite Items for sale the start of any match before you've racked your requisite numbers.

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