I personally can't wait to get my hands on the new Fifa because I am slowly but surely getting bored of it.

So I have been thinking of some ideas we could bring across to someone like @Rob to maybe improve some things that weren't quite keeping up to our expectations with Fifa coins.

This doesn't need to be UT based only but Career Mode/Pro Clubs etc. as well.

I often see EA taking our wishes and implementing them to the next Fifa but there of course are some things that are missing, which is completely understandable after all.

I'd also like this to be a thread where we talk about a certain topic and question if it's likely to be implemented or not e.g.:"Do xou guxs think proce ranges will be updated frequently during Fifa 16?" and we could discuss...

Me personally:

I would wish for a lot more events keeping me interested in the game like a weekly challenge which haven't seen since fifa 13. Even though it was offline I always enjoyed the contest. Also I'd like to see something like who has scored the best longshot coming back.

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