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Purchasing secondhand clothings, or “pre-loved fashion,” is a booming trend in recent years. It has evolved from solely selling vintage for the style, to now buying anything from vintage to high street to high fashion. Especially for us who aren’t exactly millionaires (yet), being fashion savvy means we must be money conscious too. Plus these days we emphasize the importance of living sustainably. That goes for eliminating waste, and saving necessary space. This is why so many books and shows about decluttering are gaining vast popularity. Like what Marie Kondo says, we should only keep what sparks us joy!

I can go on endlessly about the benefits of buying and selling second hand clothes online. If I have to be brief, the following top three reasons will definitely get you started to immerse yourself in the preloved jewellery and fashion market:

  1. Occasion wear you probably will only wear once or twice in your life time.

What’s better than being able to shop for that dream wedding gown, or the extravagant sequins cat suit for the carnival in Rio, with just a click of a button anywhere any time you want? What’s even better, you can resell that piece of garment you no longer need, knowing there is a market! Clean it, take a few nice photos, list it online, then someone from somewhere around the world that is searching for a dress like yours could have her dream come true. Win win!

  1. Sustainable living can be very stylish too.

Living sustainably doesn’t mean you have to keep one thing and run it to the ground. We eat well with organic food, consume less products that are not environmentally packaged; we can also follow trends tightly and dress fashionably by buying and selling the latest pre-loved fashion. People aren’t just selling old broken things they don’t need. Many fashions as frequently update their branded statement pieces, such as replacing those 6 months old Gucci Dionysus bag and Prada Galleria, with a vintage Chanel Timeless bag, by clicking through these second hand designer clothes online web shops. Easy as that!

  1. Limited budget and space is no longer an issue.

As mentioned earlier, not all of us are made of money, and most of us work extremely hard for it. We may not be making 6 digits a year and living in a mansion, but our wardrobe doesn’t need to be old and boring. Secondhand clothes are often used once or twice by its previous owner, professionally cleaned, before being consigned. You can frequently buy items from your favorite brand’s latest collection for 10-20% less, or items in good condition from last few seasons for a quarter of its original price. Many of these secondhand Chloe or Miu Miu could very well be the same price of a brand new Zara or Topshop! This lifestyle can also train us to keep our things nice and clean as a habit, knowing one day this pair of secondhand Saint Laurent boots you bought last month could be sold to fund the pair of pre-loved Balmain jeans you’ve been craving for.

See? By ridding excess clothes we no longer need, we can frequently update our wardrobe without bankrupting ourselves, all this while making space at home, oh, plus getting a few extra bucks in return to fund our next purchases. Doesn’t that make total sense? Google the term “buy secondhand clothes online” and you’ll find countless secondhand clothing web shops popping up on your search. Feel free to browse around, and I guarantee you will never be disappointed.

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