Escape Roblox Prison

Roblox is a fun way to entertain yourself and one of the popular games in Roblox is Prison Life. The Prison is a large location and in which prisoners are trying to escape from here. Here are so many ways to escape from Roblox Prison. In these Punching Box, Using Keycards, Helicopter, and Blowing up a wall are main. The Latest Escape way is located between Visitors building and Police Station.

The Prison compound surrounded by several buildings. There are main Building, Parking Lot, Kitchen, Police Station, Security Office, Visitors Building, Yard, and Sewers. Security Office is a secondary location at the back of the cell hallway. It holds a pistol and shotgun and it serves as a spawn locality for cops during the night hours.

Punching Break Box:

The Prisoners who want to escape from the Roblox Prison those can try to Punching the Break box attached to the Police Station. After 10 to 15 times, the gates will open. Then you have to run through it freely. 

Get A Keycard:

The best escape route is through the vents in the Kitchen. But, it possible when you get a keycard.


Another way is you can pickpocket a Police Officer even Officer's Keycard. If You have a keycard, you will eligible to directly walk through the Visitors building. No one can't identify. 


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