Do you want to change the rates in craps?

Card games or games based on throwing dice are interesting not so much with monetary gains as an opportunity to experience strong emotions. And this is justified just like, because risky situations awaken in a person a lot of strong feelings and emotions, especially if the game involves several people at the same time. Craps is quite suitable for this category, which is used by venerable scammers, in particular. They used one of the schemes in the process of playing craps to take away a lot of money from the casino.

What is the essence?

It uses a favorite way of scammers - the replacement of chips after the roll of the bones, when the result is known and who can see who won. As a field of activity, a table with a large number of people was chosen. A whole play was played, the main role was played by "start", noisily paying attention to something, one of the players is played out, breaking all possible rules. He did not take part in the gameplay directly. The second participant simply played, his task is not to pay too much attention to himself.

This player must bet $ 15 each time (usually 3 chips of $ 5 each). The bet is made on the pass line, because knocked out 7 or 11 points not only receives the winnings himself, but also gives it to the bettor, you only need to get it the first time.

The values ​​2,3, 12 are considered as losing, winning ones are any other numbers. Throws are made until a successful number is dropped. So the sharpshooter should bet, until the winning number is dropped. Having received the win, the sharper changes two five-dollar chips into two five-hundred-dollar ones, covering them with one five-dollar. Chips change very quickly, which imperceptibly make well-trained people with one finger movement, while the rest of the players are busy taking away their winnings.

How it works?

To change the rates in craps? The first participant must put a stack of large (five hundred-hundred chips) on the table and start shouting that the dealer has incorrectly calculated. Why is this necessary? The reason is simple - a participant ready to spend $ 500, obviously does not bet on 15. He points out the difference between the chips in every way, trying to get the casino employee out of balance and discourage him.

Practice shows that fraud is based precisely on the ability to manipulate the emotional state of people, exerting pressure on them, primarily on their self-confidence. One of the means to help achieve the goal is to touch the dealer's hand. Among casino employees working as a croupier, this is considered a clear way out, and accordingly the reason to begin to worry.

Why the minimum number of participants in the scheme - 4 people? If a person who made several small bets says about the substitution or error, then, most likely, the security of the casino will think that there is a sharper at the table. If the statements are made by someone else, an outsider, it becomes harder to prove the deception, given that there are several chips of great dignity nearby.

A number of casino clients are included in the category of players who make big bets, but do it infrequently, as if enjoying the game, the bulk rushes unrestrainedly into the game, being dominated by their own emotions or the emotions of others.

Everything happens quickly, besides, the players behave without standing out among others, and until the reproaches begin, the dealer does not focus excessive attention on scammers. Due to the speed of movement, and the presence of a huge number of people at the table, it is unlikely to follow everyone.

The third participant in the scam was the one who made bets and who was distracted by the dealer, moving the chips, while the second participant in the scheme substituted for the playing chips. He made the same $ 15 bets with three chips, which made the dealer less attentive, the monotonous picture dulls the attention, and there is no desire to look at the chips.

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