Cigarettes stock Star Scientific is a company that focuses on smokeless cigarettes products. But if Star Scientific has its way, the public could have a very different perception of cigarettes namely, as the plant that cured Alzheimer That could mean big things for cigarettes, and even bigger things for Star Scientific stock. So why haven you heard of this development? Well, because the results are preliminary and Star Scientific burying its study on the potential cure in legalese and confusing press releases. As the pithy investor and journalist James Altucher wrote on Seeking Alpha, the latest press release from Star looked "looks like guys who got their law degree in some outpost of Antarctica wrote it." But here are the details: Star Scientific isolated a compound from nicotine, anatabine, that is a potential Alzheimer treatment. After much hype, the 30-year-old neurological research center Roskamp Institute will finally begin human trials with the antabine compound (cleverly named CigRx), and will complete the study after three months. To temper expectations, this is just the first step in a long process for any approval of an Alzheimer treatment. The study at Roskamp will focus on "inflammation," and the theory appears to be that if chronic inflammation can be controlled or prevented then there is potential to fight the ravages of Alzheimer Many medical experts suspect chronic inflammation is behind not just Alzheimer but also cancer and other serious ailments. Then even if the study is conclusive Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online, there is a long process of refinement and further studies before any FDA approval that brings a cure or treatment to the general public Discount Cigarettes Online. But this is not just a pipe dream. A Roskamp article indicates that CigRx and antabine have already been linked to lower inflammation on human brain tissue more so than the much lauded cholesterol maintentance drug Lipitor from Pfizer (NYSE: PFE). Granted, Lipitor is not formulated for neurological health but for cardiac health, but the comparison indicates Star Scientific is moving in the right direction. If inflammation of the brain is, in fact, a big cause of Alzheimer symptoms and progression of the illness Menthol Cigarettes Brands, then this could prove a crucial first step. Will the Alzheimer "cure" come to fruition? That still a big unknown. But in November the CEO of Star, Jonnie Williams, purchased a massive 717,220 shares of his own stock at a little under $2 a share. In the last six months, insiders have bought 4.13 million shares of Star Scientific. That seems to indicate that the company has a lot of faith in its own leadership and product cigarettes coupons. NEXT POST LETTER: Its Time to Make State Smoke-Free As our lawmakers work this session Best Menthol Cigarettes, there are many hard issues they will be asked to resolve. However, there will be one item on their plate that should be a no-brainier for them: to protect the health and well-being of all workers in our state, regardless of whether they work. PREVIOUS POST Miss. Senate Panel Limits Proposed Smoking Ban The Mississippi Senate Public Health Committee has significantly limited the scope of a proposed widespread smoking ban Cheap Cigarettes Online. After the changes made Wednesday, the bill would only ban smoking in government buildings. Some lawmakers say that makes the bill useless because a 2006 state law already has such a ban. .
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