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the ciggie box itself is much more exaggerated. Law enforcement officials pulled out a new fake "zhonghua" brand of smoking cigarettes, pointing to the above design told reporters that there is absolutely no such packaging "zhonghua" cigs on the market, counterfeiters have "created" in advance, it is said that these bogus cigarettes "fake", Cheap Newport Cigarettes 100s in addition to the product packaging, the most important is tobacco. Bogus cigarettes are often cut up as well as rolled up from substandard leaves or even discarded comes. Counterfeiters with a few cents the jin or Marlboro Red Cigarettes even lower price is going to be inferior tobacco leaf following the acquisition, cut into Newport 100s Cigarettes cigarette, Wholesale Newport Cigarettes for Resale add flavor, Carton of Newport 100s Online roll in to cigarettes, into the packaging package of famous brand cigarettes, grew to become counterfeit cigarettes. In fact , these types of fake cigarettes are not to end up being smoked at all. The press reporter tried to smoke a phony "double happiness" brand e cigarette at the scene, feeling sour and spicy. It is said any time counting all the fake tobacco at the scene, they will be ruined.

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