Are you considering taking up freelance work? Here are some disadvantages of the same.

 We all assume that the life of a freelancer is amazing because they have an option to work with Freedom and do everything they want to do even while traveling.

 That sounds amazing, but there are many disadvantages of being a freelancer. Check them out below.


1. You have to plan what is to be done and when

 It is quite difficult to be a decision maker at times because you know that it will not only lead to a number of issues but also give you an additional headache that is not really necessary for you. If you have understood this particular point, you should also realize the fact that you will have to decide which client do you want to work with and whom should use rely on. This again is a difficult task because most of the clients in the world of freelancers might not be as truthful as they sound.


2. It will be difficult to earn money on a regular basis

 Talking about a freelance opportunity, you will have to decide what will be done to you and how would you like to take things forward. It is possible that the client might not require your service anymore and at that given point of time, you might have nothing to depend on. The entire process is to be worked upon on a regular basis, and you need to keep hunting for clients all the time.


3. The cash flows can be highly inconsistent

 This is one of the worst thing of being a freelancer because you cannot determine what will be your salary for the next month and how should you calculate your expenses for the coming months. It will be not only irritating for you but also difficult for you to decide what expenses are necessary for you at this given point of time and what expenses should be specifically excluded.


4. If you stop working, you don't earn money

 Usually, if you are on a break, you can get leave from the company that will be paid by the company. However, as a freelancer, you get nothing of that sort which means that if you stop working, you will even stop earning money. This can be one of the biggest reasons because of which many people are avoiding the aspect of looking into the world of freelancers, and they do not want to take it forward.


5. You will have to meet the deadline even if you are not well

 When the client has given you a particular task, it is your responsibility to complete it on or before time. You will not have an opportunity to give an excuse that you were busy with a particular task and you could not complete it. You are responsible for the task that is on hand, and you will have to complete it no matter what may be the situation you are going through.

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