Advantages of Limestone crushing equipment

Limestone crushing equipment in an important advantage of dry mortar production process reflected in the following aspects. First, it can increase the scope of application of dry mixed mortar, masonry mortar, plaster mortar produced by different particle size (including decorative mortar, waterproof mortar), ground mortar, bonding mortar etc..

Secondly, the limestone is according to the need of development of our country dry mortar industry and design promotion, guarantee and a certain engineering practice. limestone crusher factory has 1000 limestone crusher in 2013 are used for urban construction market, fully reflects the quality of aggregate has great prospects for development.

Again, the introduction of foreign advanced technology of limestone crusher mesh layers and high performance, limestone crusher mesh can be adjusted according to the user's profession characteristic and the need to use. Dry powder mortar can screen into different specifications, feed particle size less than 200-400mm per hour production capacity reached 700 tons. Vibration sieve screening design principle with near perfect, promote the production technology of dry mixed mortar and improving China's building materials market prosperity and development.

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