A New Approach Is Needed to Push ICT Forward

The boom of the ICT industry and ubiquity of the techniques developed speak for themselves. Today, there is hardly a country in the world that is not home to a burgeoning ICT industry. Many are focused primarily on domestic concerns, rather than pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Others have responded to the need from abroad for a reliable outsourcing post that can handle the majority of back office concerns whilst the primary matters of business take place in a different country and often on a different continent. However, regardless of the location or purpose, a new approach is still needed in order to allow the ICT industry to push forward to the next level. Already this theory is being pushed forward by:

  • Major businesses
  • Connected academic institutions
  • ICT technicians themselves

Guiding Concepts Have Been Present for Some Time

Max Polyakov identifies the key problems in one of his recent works on the matter. Drawing on the works of Zinoviev and Mamardashvili, he isolates a number of features as signifying the major need for change. The lack of objectivity in the foundation ideas that govern the industry and the way it works is a major stumbling block in terms of moving things in a new direction. Similarly, the common practice in terms of data and structures more closely resembles that of established paper media, rather than the connected world of the Twenty-First Century. This points to a chimera at the heart of the ICT industry: that while it may have enabled a vast amount of progress around the world, the industry itself has failed to devote sufficient attention to ensuring it remains innovative and relevant. You can find additional information in the article Max Polyakov Relaunches Firefly with High Hopes to Bridge Gap between CubeSats and Space.

A Number of Developments Point Towards Change

There is a strong possibility of change in the future, however. The ideas of Max Polyakov and other major thinkers are becoming more and more commonplace. As they do, a new generation of technicians and developers are looking for innovative ways to find out exactly what the industry could be capable of. We have already seen some amount of progress from various businesses and other ventures run by Max Polyakov. And if this progress continues, we may experience something of a sea change regarding attitudes to the ICT industry.

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