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The development trend of new sand making machine has become the main force in the sand making industry

The new sand making machine is made of imported advanced technology. It is an ideal equipment for the production of aggregates of sand and gravel. It has high automation, low operating cost, efficient skills and convenient maintenance. The sand produced by this equipment is absolutely perfect, the grain shape is very good, the fineness is even more consistent with the construction standard than the natural sand. It is not only favored by the majority… Continue

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Counter-type sand making machine motor overspeed test

The quality of the motor is also related to whether the counter-type sand making machine can operate stably. Through the over-speed test, it is possible to detect whether the counter-type sand making machine motor has passed the quality. In the test, the quality of the cable can be checked. The overspeed test of the rectifier assembly and the quality of the winding cable is done according to the national…


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The correct use steps of the sand making machine

Sand making machine This equipment is believed to be familiar to everyone in mining machinery and equipment. It may also know how it operates. So everyone understands the correct operation steps? Today, Shanghai ZENITH Machinery introduces you here. In order to improve the efficiency of our sand making machine.

First of all, the test, this step requires sufficient experience, once you find that there is a point in the process of sand making…


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Maintenance of the order of the electrical lines of the mobile crushing station

There are actually ways to repair electrical components. After we encountered problems in our home circuit, we started repairing some of the main circuits. If you find that there is a problem with the circuit, the first thing is to see where there is a problem. The same is true for the mobile crushing station. We first need to determine whether there is a short circuit in the line in the electrical component, or where there is no current flowing,…


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Some tips for the crusher when purchasing

The crusher is an important equipment in our crushed mine stone. With the development, it has many types, mainly divided into hammer crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher and Crusher For Minings. Cone crusher, etc. Different models also have a big difference in their performance. So, as a stone manufacturer, what are the skills we have to buy a crusher?

Think of the goal, what is the material we want to break, we have the direction with…


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Construction waste crusher is widely used in construction waste treatment

In order to ensure people's health, protect the environment and save energy, all countries attach great importance to the development and use of environmentally-friendly building materials, promote the use of non-polluting or low-pollution products, promote the environmental labeling system of products, and recycle and recycle construction waste as one of the important projects. The final disposal of construction waste in China is mainly based on backfilling. Most of the construction waste…


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The crusher is at ease in the field of construction waste

From the current basic transformation of our country, a large amount of construction waste is generated every year. Especially in the rural demolition and rebuilding project, there is a large amount of waste concrete resources being continuously wasted, then whether these waste construction waste crusher can pass After the treatment, get new building materials? The answer is yes.

However, most of the waste concrete materials are not properly…


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An irreplaceable sand making machine in the mind of the user: a new sand making machine

In the mining industry, many users choose to use a new sand making machine to process sand and gravel materials. It has the characteristics of large output, high cost performance, and simple equipment maintenance. In daily operation, there are three sand making methods, and Xiaobian carefully introduces them.

1. Impact sand making. Instant impact sand making is the material that is subjected to instantaneous impact force to make sand. This… Continue

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The age of mine crusher equipment is related to quality

The service life of mine Quarry crusher is related to quality. The life of crusher depends on the quality of oil pressure. The types of cone crusher are various, and the scope of each crusher is also very different. Customers should base Different types of crushers should be selected for different needs. Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry Cone Crusher is widely used in construction machinery due to its compact structure, simple operation, stable operation,…


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How to repair the damage of the metal crusher's pulley?

The power transmission of the Gold Ore Crusher comes from the pulley. If there is no pulley, it will not work, but the pulley has a fatal injury. After the metal crusher has been working for a long time, the pulley will be damaged. At this time, you will ask if you encounter In this case, we will change how to deal with it. Don't worry about letting the professional metal crusher technician answer you.

1. The scrap metal crusher is composed…


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Shanghai SBM crusher equipment is widely used in highway construction

As we all know, China's highway construction is in full swing. Nowadays, most of the stone used for road construction is made from local materials, especially mountain roads. The tunnel stone used for mining and blasting is often used as raw material for processing sand and gravel. These mountain rocks are mostly limestone. Most of them, basalt, etc., are high-quality raw materials for the production of sand and gravel aggregates. Crusher equipment is also increasingly being used in various…


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How to maintain the bearing of the sand making machine equipment

The bearings of the sand making machine are very important accessories, so is it important to pay attention to the maintenance? Then the following small series will analyze with you how to keep the bearing of the sand making equipment is the best.

Precautions for the use of the bearing of the sand making machine:

1. Keep the bearings and their surroundings clean

2. Be careful when using sand making…


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Daily maintenance of crusher equipment

The operators of the Stone Crushing Equipment were on duty, and they did four things in front of the class, five notes in the class and four things in the class.

(1) Four things before the class 1. Check the handover record. 2. Wipe the crusher equipment and lubricate it according to the regulations. 3. Check whether the handle position and manual operation position are correct and flexible, and whether the safety device is reliable. 4.…


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Common types and advantages of sand making equipment

Sand making machine equipment can be divided into: river pebble sand making machine, granite sand making machine, limestone sand making machine, marble sand making machine, basalt sand making machine, calcite sand making machine, iron ore sand making machine. , quartz stone sand machine, etc. According to different working principles, sand making machines can be divided into hammer sand making machines, impact sand…


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How to effectively eliminate the residual wind of the mill

A properly functioning device is a prerequisite for increased productivity. In the production operation of the equipment, the loop system air volume will always increase. Moreover, the grinding machine and the strong-pressure grinding machine are completed in a tight airtight state in the production work, but the long-term working vibration and the maintenance of the equipment are not in place, so that the residual air inside the cabin is present, and the total volume of the system is…


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Three factors affecting the life of the crusher

The crusher equipment is one of the more common equipments in mining equipment. There are many factors affecting the service life of the crusher, such as the quality of the crusher equipment, that is, the materials used in the manufacture of the crushing equipment. The crusher manufacturer will explain the three influencing factors of the service life of the crusher.

The first is the natural…


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The installation of the crusher needs to consider the safety of the surrounding environment

The safety of mechanical equipment is of the utmost importance. In the operation of metal crushers, there are often some losses due to safety problems. For example, the impureness of the feed causes the foreign matter to be thrown out of the feed port. Injury, or injury to nearby people. These phenomena are often caused by the lack of attention to safety when placing metal crushers. The metal Crusher Equipment breaks the metal scrap material by…


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Mobile crushing station enhances the utilization of construction waste resources

The generation of construction waste seriously affects our living environment. For the cities we depend on, the accumulation of construction waste affects the quality of the air and is harmful to human health. The long-term accumulation of construction waste causes harmful substances to infiltrate into the groundwater area and pollute the water environment. At the same time, there are certain safety hazards in the construction of construction waste in the city, and some accidents may occur…


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Easy to malfunction of the drum in the vertical mill production line

The importance of the conveyor to the vertical roller mill production line need not be said, and the drum is the main component of the conveyor's transmission of power. What are the faults in the vertical mill production line?

First, the structural aspects of the drum are liable to cause failures. The nut locking structure is adopted, and the locking of the bearing is completely maintained by the expansion…


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Ingenious method of installing a jaw crusher in a rugged mountain

The jaw crusher is one of the best mining equipments, with concentrated crushing and fine crushing, and has a strong crushing capacity. However, most users will have the problem that abnormal noise will occur after working for a period of time, which has more or less different degrees of harm to the environment and the physical and mental health of the operators. Where come? ZENITH Xiaobian takes you to know.

1. After the…


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