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How Social Media Can Transform Your Client’s Goals


Social media has been evolving rapidly and with the introduction of smartphones, its reach and popularity have skyrocketed. It isn’t just a place for people to socialize with others anymore. You now have the chance to promote your business on these platforms which is why the importance of social media for businesses has been growing steadily. Companies that have realised this and put together a…


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Is Facebook or Instagram better for Your Business


Social media has become pivotal for the growth of businesses . If you aren’t already on any of the social media platforms, you are missing out big time. However, with so many social media networks popping up, it is hard for businesses to decide which one they should concentrate their marketing efforts on. For instance, Facebook and Instagram are both very popular social media platforms and both provide companies the chance to advertise their…


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Aircon Sustainability – Correlation Between Saving Energy and the Environment

Air conditioners have become a household item nowadays. In the summer season, no one can even imagine living without them. However, these air conditioners are having a major impact on our environment. They are slowly and gradually destroying the ozone layer and are contributing to our planet’s biggest problem today, global warming. The refrigerants used in our air conditioners are threatening the environment and the power they consume is resulting in carbon emissions that we are completely…


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How & When to Use Your AC – Guilt Free Tips

Air conditioners are necessary for beating away the heat in the summer season. However, unchecked use of air conditioners can not only increase your energy bills but also damage the environment as well. In order to ensure that you don’t feel guilty when using your AC, you should look to regulate its use. The following are some tips that can help you in using your AC in moderation. Digital Marketing Agency…


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How to be the Best Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship holds great significance in the world as it’s the entrepreneurs of the world who usher an era of change in the society through their inspiring ideas and technology. A successful entrepreneur can create jobs, improve lives and have a deep-lasting impact on the world. However, to become a successful entrepreneur is no easy task. It requires hard work, dedication, long hours and a lot of faith and belief in your ideas. However, what sets apart a successful entrepreneur from…


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Pay Per Click 101

Creating an online presence has gained greater importance in this day and age. With most people now shopping online and hiring services through the internet, going digital with your business and reaching out to your target audience is of paramount importance. Pay Per Click can play a major role in establishing and monetizing your online business.

Pay per.png

What is PPC?

Have you ever seen the sponsored listings at the top of Google search when you type a…


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Optimising SEO for People, Not Just Google

SEO is necessary for ranking highly on Search Engines and most importantly Google. Without optimizing your website, you don’t have any chance of improving your site’s SERP ranking. However, SEO shouldn’t be done just to impress Google. You need it for reaching your target audience too. The metrics for SEO have changed in the past few years. No longer is it now just a case of putting in a few keywords or throwing in a few links. You have to tailor the content according to the needs of the…


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5 Benefits of Using Google Ads With SEO

SEO is massively important for getting your website ranked highly on SERPs. However, it is a long and gradual process that matures over time. If you are looking for a way to accelerate the process then you will have to focus attention on a marketing tool known as PPC or Pay Per Click. This strategy can help you in getting your products displayed on other websites, allowing you to reach out to your…


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Why LinkedIn Marketing Should be a Part of Your Marketing Arsenal

Social media marketing has become an important component of the overall marketing strategy of brands these days. When it comes to marketing on social media, the three networks that are getting the most attention are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their relative reach is one of the factors, which helps companies in marketing their products to a wider audience. While it is worth the effort, the marketing done on these social media platforms isn’t enough. Companies should look towards…


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The Power of Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing?

Think about how many ads and banners you see on a daily basis. Now, think about how many you remember. Probably none. On the other hand, when a friend recommends you a product, you will probably choose it over some other brand. This is exactly what influencer marketing does. An influencer is a person with credibility, someone people trust, whose opinion matters, and has a decent amount of social media followers.


When it comes to…


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How to Market Your eCommerce Site

If you are an owner of an eCommerce website and you think you will earn your retirement overnight, think again. It does not matter what you sell, there is no such thing as easy money. However, there are a few strategies you can incorporate to increase your income or, at least, your traffic.


Create an eCommerce Marketing Strategy

If you already have an eCommerce website and no marketing strategy—no…


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