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Brooklynne Communities Member Healthcare Services, Allows you to Get Your Personal and Family Healthcare Now with #MyTeleMedicine

Healthcare Now

JUST IMAGINE You wake up one morning with sudden cold-like symptoms: stuffy nose, cough, congestion

You have trouble getting an appointment with your existing doctor and you don’t want to miss time at work by sitting in an urgent care or ER waiting room.

What are you waiting for? …


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Urban Businesses, Artists, Activists, Community Leaders, Media Co's, Publishers & Entrepreneurs Join Us Here & @ BrooklynSportsNewsThe Event HostsThe Urban 420The Martial…


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Groups known to self-identify as Native American tribes not recognized by Federal or States

List of unrecognized groups claiming to be American Indian tribes


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Brooklynne Co + CREW - WebDesign & Developer Services

The Brooklynne Networks

Brooklynne Co WebDesign Services recommends Crew to help you find the right designer or developer.

How Brooklynne Co + Crew Works!…


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Local Brooklyn Retailers, Now Using Brooklynne Ad Agency Service to promote their own sites!

Pay per Click Advertising @ Brooklynne Ad Agency


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The Washitaw-Quapaw of MANATAKA -Hot Springs ARKANSEA

The Quapaw first encountered Europeans in 1541, when they met the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto. He led an expedition that came across their chief town, between the …


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What is meant by tribal self-determination and self-governance?

 Why Tribes Exist Today in the United States

What are Indian treaty rights?

From 1778 to 1871, the United States’ relations with individual American Indian nations indigenous to what is now the U.S. were defined and conducted largely through the treaty-making process. These “contracts among nations” recognized and established unique sets of rights, benefits, and conditions for the treaty-making tribes who agreed to cede…


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Catawba Indian Nation

The Catawba — also known as Issa or Essa or Iswä but most commonly Iswa (Catawba: iswa - “people of the river”) — are afederally recognized tribe of …


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Major Retailers Closing Stores in 2016

#1 Sears lost 580 million dollars in the fourth quarter of 2015 alone, and they are scheduled to close at least 50 more “unprofitable stores” by the end of this year.

#2 It is being reported that Sports Authority will file for bankruptcy in March. Some news reports have indicated that around 200 stores may close, but at this point it is not known how many of their 450 stores will be able to stay open.

#3 For decades, Kohl’s has been growing…


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Black Land Matters @ Brooklynne Networks BKLYN

Black... Land... Matters... Is a Real Estate Investment Cooperative.


It’s about sustainable…


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AUIA Aboriginal Union for Indigenous Amerindians Founded- January 25 2015

The AUIA- Aboriginal Union for Indigenous Amerindians - was founded as a UNDRIP Human Rights Org for Cultural Self Determined Restitutions of National and Ethnic Identity and Reparations earned and deserved for the Fraudulent Trustee Allocations Foreeclosures,and Estate Administration, Purposeful Treaty Violations, Land Encroachments and Illegal Asset Confications, Historical and Literal  Denationalization, Religious based Heritage and…


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ARNA- Self Administered Reparations for Aboriginal Americans

The Self Administered Reparations Project

What is the Self Administered Reparations Project?

It is the International project to assist Indigenous Peoples worldwide with the plans strategies services products resources and resource management to implement self government, economic viability for individuals, families, communities, and nations.

Our work consists of a pilot project commenced in North America tailored to…

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Start Your Knockerball USA Business in your Area in 2016

Start Your Knockerball Business

If you're looking for an opportunity to start your own business in a burgeoning new activity or simply add Knockerball™ to your existing lineup you are definitely in the right place. Hundreds of entrepreneurs, sports facilities, camps and churches have already developed a customer…


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Get Holiday -Flowers.... Send a smile with

Get FlowersSend a smile with

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Kingz Kounty Clothing- Authentic Brooklyn


We were founded in 2005 in New York City by twin brothers El Philthmoor & P moorpheus aka Red & Blue Pill, who are pioneers in Conscious Streetwear & Lifestyle Branding, We are dedicated to Spreading the Rich & Knowledgeable Culture of our ancient for fathers & mothers thru Fashion,Music,Film & Literature. Thank You for…


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Social Kickstart is a dream for Facebook marketers in 2015

Social Kickstart is a dream for Facebook marketing…

Imagine being able to schedule months worth of content in 30 minutes or less.

Imagine streamlining every aspect of your Facebook management even down to the smallest details.

Imagine easily scaling campaigns across multiple niches, and all while reducing your overhead costs.

Are you ready to experience the first and only…


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Expert Facebook Marketers Secret Weapon…

Social Kickstart just went LIVE…

This all-in-one Facebook tool has been the secret

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under the radar for the past year.

Well now it’s officially open to the public!



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I Pulse in order to PlayRealising IllusionI seal the Process of MagicWith the Solar tone of IntentionI am guided by the power of Accomplishment

I Pulse in order to Play
Realising Illusion
I seal the Process of Magic
With the Solar tone of Intention
I am guided by the power of Accomplishment


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