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Our Mission @ BK Local is to get Brooklyn Based businesses listed where customers, travelers, tourists, new residents and online shoppers can find them... And to make Brooklyn the top rated city found on Search Engines, Directories and Commercial Listings in the World
Run a visibility report for your Brooklyn Based business Today!
Monthly Report
Our solutions promote local visibility, of YOUR BUSINESS on desktop and mobile devices the moment consumers search for products or services online!
See Our BK Local Presence Mgmt Packages for Businesses that Need to improve their Rankings after reviewing their Free Visibility Report


$129.99 One time Setup

$29.99/month (renewed annually) 

Upfront Annual - $439.99/yr (a savings of $50)


$199.99 One time Setup

$59.99/month (renewed annually)

Upfront Annual -$820.99/yr (a savings of $100)

Get your businesses listed in search engines, data aggregators, social sites, and the top directory sources. We have exclusive relationships with listing networks and are constantly adding to and updating our distribution list. And we’re taking you right along with us! 

Simply fill out our Contact form @ Brooklynne Agency Services with Subject (LOCAL Presence) in the form... and you will be signed up for a free account and receive your free Visibility Listing Report to begin improving your business local search listings

Enter the business information, and we take care of the rest.

We’re in the business of saving companies time and money. That’s why our service is the easiest to use in the biz. Just fill in your business information one time, and we’ll syndicate it out to all the right places, keeping you updated along the way.

Monitor online reputation.

Don't ever be caught off guard by bad reviews. Monitor and manage online reviews in one easy platform. With our tool, businesses will always be in the know about who is saying what about them online.

Simply fill out our Contact form @ Brooklynne.net Agency Services with Subject (LOCAL Presence) in the form... and you will be signed up for a free account and receive your free listing report to begin improving your business local search listings


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