• Video blogging is fast. The time line from inspiration to publication is dramatically shortened. You get an idea for a blog post. Jot down your key points. Turn on the web cam and start yapping (okay, comb your hair first). It's really that easy.
  • Video blogging creates intimacy with your readers. You might not be able to provide a warm handshake, but the sound of Best Vlogging Camera your voice and smile on your face adds a whole new dimension to the relationship. Body language is 60% of communication. Video captures meaning that words cannot.
  • Video blogging lends credibility to your message. Whatever you're talking about in your video-whether it be a product pitch or an opinion piece or a how-to-by getting in front of the camera you're committing to your audience in a deeper, more authentic way. And if you're a shyster, well, this tends to come through as well.
  • Video blogging strengthens your brand. There is only one you. Until cloning humans is a common reality, it's safe to say that video may be the most immediately powerful personal branding tool you've got at your disposal as a business owner and marketer.


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